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Default MD5 hash value if left unset in Settings

I am updating the DPM process for a legacy applicaiton where the MD5 hash value was an optional value on the merchant side. 

I am curious, if the MD5 hash value is never set in settings, is there a default value that is used to generate the x_md5_hash value? Is it a blank string?


I ask because I need to know if I can validate the hash for existing customers who have not configured the MD5 hash value on both Authorize.Net and Merchant side.

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Re: Default MD5 hash value if left unset in Settings

Hello @bodie


The short answer is no, it's not optional.


For a more detailed answer, please refer to


I should also mention that DPM is now deprecated and we encourage merchants to begin migrating to use Accept.js instead of DPM.