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Delete payment profile end point body

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Is there is any another method where I delete the customer card from there paymentProfileId without using the customerProfileId. I want to send the delete customer request like below:-


    "deleteCustomerPaymentProfileRequest": {
        "merchantAuthentication": {
            "name": "login_id",
            "transactionKey": "trasaction_id"
        "customerProfileId": "1506976258",        
"customerPaymentProfileId": "1506345882" } }


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Re: Delete payment profile end point body

Hi @puneetjindal308,

No, there isn't. A payment profile is always linked to a customer profile. Also, from your description, it looks like you want to remove card information from a payment profile, which isn't possible either; a payment profile always needs to have a payment instrument (card, token or bank account) within it.