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Direct Post Method and saved payment profiles

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Does anyone know if we can use the DPM method to also create new, stored, credit card payment profiles?  

It seems the DPM method will help avoid credit card transactions, with the credit card number, from hitting our servers.

From a PCI compliance standpoint, I'm interested in doing the same when my users save/create payment profiles.

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Re: Direct Post Method and saved payment profiles

Hi there,


If you're looking for a solution that stores payment profiles, but not on your servers, you'd want to use our Customer Information Manager (CIM). DPM alone just processes transactions. You can find out more about CIM and check out the developer guides here. CIM is an additional monthly fee, but if you need to save your customers' information and reduce the scope of your PCI compliance, then CIM is the way to go.


Hope that helps.





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