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Discount Codes

How do I set up Simple checkout to use discount codes? For example, my regular price of the the product might be $14.95. The price with a discound code that we use will be $9.95?

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Re: Discount Codes

Hi ulysses2795,


The Simple Checkout system is designed for use in simple scenarios with static pricing. If you would like more complete control over the pricing (such as the ability to recognize discount codes) it will be necessary to use one of the APIs that we make available to developers.


The API that would provide for the most similar experience to what you are seeing with Simple Checkout is the Server Integration Method (SIM). This will require some development work on your side, but it will also allow you to set the exact price that you want at the time of checkout.



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Re: Discount Codes

Hi @Joy!  I looked at the alphabetized list of fields


and didn't see anything that looked like a discount or a coupon.  Could this be added to in a future release so that we could show discount codes below the line?


1Item10NUS $24.95

US $249.50


Discount: US $-30.00
Total: US $219.50
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Re: Discount Codes

Hello swguy,


Discounts must be applied before sending the transaction to Authorize.Net.