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Discussion on new EMV API Guide


Hello Auth.Net people.


The Auth.Net "Preview Guide" for EMV for AIM API Transaction Requests and Responses is now linked from the EMV FAQ page: which links to the guide at


I've implemented card-present swipes in an iOS iPad app with Auth.Net's encrypted hardware and their iOS SDK. The EMV transition seems delayed here at Auth.Net but also all over the Credit Card mobile processing space.


So, the release of this guide is a good first step.


Observations so far, maybe opening up discussion here?


  • Unencrypted EMV transaction - It's interesting that this is offered. It must be a way of successfully processing a credit payment via EMV, but it probably has higher fees than Encrypted EMV at the Payment Processor level?

  • Fallback Payment Data: an emvFallBack field is shown alongside trackData - I wonder what the benefit would be of flagging that a swiped transaction is an emvFallBack transaction and not just submitting it as card-present? 

  • Page 7 says "This integration is currently supported using the Walker card reader." which must refer to the reader by AnywhereCommerce - Does anyone have experience coding for that reader yet?

Has anyone tried to code any of this yet and see if it submits on ?



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Re: Discussion on new EMV API Guide

" it probably has higher fees than Encrypted EMV at the Payment Processor level?"

Currently there is no difference in interchange rates for EMV and non-EMV transactions



Re: Walker- first I've heard about it. Note the hardware is EMV certified, but the gateway has not certified the device to any processor that I'm aware of. Presumably, it's somewhere in progress so you can get a head start with the integration now.

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