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Do you use the C# SDK?

I am attempting to use the C# SDK and was wondering how many people use this. The more I get into it, the more it seems easier to just forget it and manually code the XML. I could always modify the source, but then it may end up difficult to switch to a newer SDK version in the future.


Problems so far:

1. Error when doing a GetCustomer for CIM if they have bank accounts stored.

2. When calling CreateCustomer for CIM it doesnt support using the merchantCustomerId.

3. Doesn't support getHostedProfilePageRequest

4. Won't work through a proxy


I'm not really asking for help, just wanting to find out if many people use the SDK and if they think it was worth it in the long term.

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Re: Do you use the C# SDK?

I did my implementation before they offer the SDKs. After playing around with the sample code, did my own code. And I use soap not xml, visual studio pretty much did everything I need. After they offer the SDKs, look thru their code and didn't see anything worth changing it to. Then they add getHostedProfilePage request, just need to do a update ref on VS, and done. That my 2 cents.