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Doubt in ARB - Urgent one!!!


Im integrating to do recurring payment. I need a big clarification in retrieving the card details of the user from since the customer may have one or more account details. Every account detail of the customer is stored as different profiles in We will use an active account for the payment and the active status can be managed by the user. So we need to get the information of the accounts stored in your server to show the user when they want to activate a particular account. Is there any option for that in Please let me know asap as this is an urgent requirement.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Doubt in ARB - Urgent one!!!

Hey there,


With ARB, you cannot retrieve the card details. With what you're looking to do, your best bet would probably be CIM. Though it's important to note that we will never return the full card details as that would violate PCI. But we will return the masked card number.





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