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E-mails and Item numbers.

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I use E-Cart for the store that I created.  When the e-mail is generated from  to notify us that the customer has ordered something, some of the item numbers don't show up if it is a larger order with multiple items.  Customer service indicated that there is a way on my end to make the e-mails show all of the items.  Customer service also indicated that presently automatically truncates e-mails past a certain point.  I can however go into the reports page and once a transaction has cleared, obtain a full list of the items that were ordered.  But, my boss would like it if we didn't have to log into the reports page all of the time.  If there's a code that I must enter, please let me know.  E-Cart is PHP based and I'm using Dreamweaver CS6 to create store items.  Thanks in advance.


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Re: E-mails and Item numbers.


Hi Supreme_Geek,


Unfortunately, the line item ID does not show up in the email receipts that we send to merchants, there is currently no way to receive this in our receipt emails. It is only available through the Transaction Details API, Transaction Details page in your Authorize.Net account and Customer email receipts.