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E00001 error on createTransactionRequest

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I'm getting an E00001 error when trying to charge a cretid card in production mode using the node sdk. Below is my request with sensitave data removed. It is not an issue with merchant authentication as the same access token works for other requests.


{ createTransactionRequest:
   CreateTransactionRequest {
      MerchantAuthenticationType {
        accessToken: ***** },
     clientId: null,
      TransactionRequestType {
        transactionType: 'authCaptureTransaction',
        amount: 0.1,
         PaymentType {
            OpaqueDataType {
              dataDescriptor: 'COMMON.ACCEPT.INAPP.PAYMENT',
              dataValue: *** } },
        order: OrderType { invoiceNumber: '34490' },
        tax: ExtendedAmountType { amount: 0 },
         CustomerAddressType {
           firstName: ***,
           lastName: ***,
           address: *** 
Posts: 12
Registered: ‎10-09-2018

Re: E00001 error on createTransactionRequest

I've narrowed down the issue to the Accept.js opaqueData. The transaction works successfully if I replace that paymentType with creditCard payment and correct credit card information. But when I try to use the nonce that accept.js gives me for the transaction, it throws the error. Still not sure how to fix this.. I need to use accept.js.