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'E00040 - The record cannot be found' error while creating ARB Subscription by Customer profile

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We are integrating ARB subscription using customer profile by Accept.js opaqueData.


Create new monthly subscription:


1. Create Customer Profile by createCustomerProfile
2. Create Customer Payment Profile by using Customer profile Id got from step 1. In this step charge the credit card or bank account with billing address.
3. Create Customer Shipping address by using Customer profile Id got from step 1 with the default shipping address true.
4. Create ARB Subscription by using Customer Profile Id (Step 1), Customer Payment Profile Id (Step 2) and Shipping Address Id(Step 3).
a. If subscription fails to create then remove the customer profile and return.
b. If created successfully continue ARB.

From the above process While creating ARB Subscription by step 4, 'E00040 The record cannot be found' error raised. If we set 10 seconds delay after step 3 then successfully created subscription. We require a better solution without setting up time delay.


Has anyone found a way around this problem?