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ECWID / Error (Response/Receipt URL)

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I checked the forums and was on chat help with a few people from as well as ECWID and for some reason no one can seem to solve this "simple" issue.


I entered the API / MD5 settings multiple times, checking carefully, and still I get some error abour Relay URLS.


I'm not trying to develop some complex payment method, I went with ECWID because it's supposed to be plug/play. Not sure which url is supposed to go into the Response/Receipt URLs page.


One support chat says it needs to be my website ( - the next guy suggested ( and the third suggested (


Now perhaps I'm just too dense for this, but none of these have worked. HELP PLEASE.


The following errors have occurred.

(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid.


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Re: ECWID / Error (Response/Receipt URL)

Hello @SwissPL


We're able to duplicate the issue you reported, so the problem appears to be within ECWID.  We suggest contacting them for help.  


You can also explore options from other vendors in our Partner Directory.