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Email is required in production mode

We have integrated the API and it is working fine in sandbox mode but following error comes in production:


Transaction Failed Error code : 33 Error message : Email is required.


We have already set the email as not required in payment form fields.


We are also sending the email in our code as well. see below:


// Set the customer's Bill To address
$customerAddress = new AnetAPI\CustomerAddressType();



But the error still remains as it is. Please help us by pointing in right direction



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Re: Email is required in production mode

Can someone please reply, its very urgent to get this fixed as the website it schedule to go live on Monday 13 Mar 2017. Thanks

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Re: Email is required in production mode

Hi @shahidanwer,


The email address is actually set in a CustomerDataType object.


I've just updated the code samples to include an example of setting an email for a transaction. My changes haven't been pulled into the main repository yet, but you can see the updated sample in my repository here.


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