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Email is required



I'm using the PHP SDK to integrate with my site and I keep getting an emai is required error in production. Don't get this error with SandBox. My issue is, I am actually sending the value. What am I missing? Here's the code I have





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Re: Email is required

email is not in billto is in customer.

and it might be set as a required fields on your production merchant account

Login to the Merchant Interface ( ), click on Settings and Profile -> Payment Form -> Form Fields and uncheck the Required box for the particular FIELD.

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Re: Email is required

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Yes I knew that on the back end email was required..I was passing it in the wrong object like you said. Thank you much.

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Re: Email is required

Hi Guys,


I am facing the same Issue, Can you please let me know how can I set customer email?



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Re: Email is required

Hi @usman429,


Assuming you're also using PHP, I've updated the code samples to include an example of setting an email for a transaction. My changes haven't been pulled into the main repository yet, but you can see the updated sample in my repository here.


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