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Error: Automated Recurring Billing is not enabled.

Hi guys,


 I am helping my client to integrate ARB into his site.


 I firstly used a developer account and finish integrating, it works fine.


 Then I changed to a production account(login id, key and url), it suggests me this error.


 I tried to search in the forum for related topics, someone suggests enable it in user profile --> edit profile.


 However in my account, I don't even see the option.


 Could anyone enlighten me how should this be done?   Is that because my client register this account without choosing ARB as option or something?  If so, how should he get it(I suppose that take some extra fee?)

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Re: Error: Automated Recurring Billing is not enabled.

Once you login to the merchant account, it is under "Tools" - "Recurring Billing". And yes there is a monthly fee.