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Error MD5

Hello guys hope you can help im getting this error: Error -- not AuthorizeNet. Check your MD5 Setting.


Im using the following platforms:


Wordpress v. 3.5.1

WooCommerce DPM Gateway by WooThemes version 1.4.3

WooCommerce by WooThemes version 2.0.9


My Account in is in test mode but I allready put te information in the plugin

API Login ID

Transtaction key

MD5 Hash


Hope you guys can Help Me....


Best Regards... 


Jose GTz. 

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Re: Error MD5

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Hello Jemmgtza,


Please check that the value stored for your MD5 Settings in WooCommerce AND the merchant interface match.  The same value must be stored in both places.  If you are using the WooCommerce test mode, you'll need to login to the Developer Sandbox to change the MD5 setting there.




Webhooks are now available for Authorize.Net

Using SOAP, see our deprecation notice.
Check out Accept.js, our Javascript replacement for DPM.
Pro Tip: Never use test mode in the sandbox, instead use the Testing Guide.