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Error Response code 2 - 205



We are getting the error code 2 - 205 , tranaction declined.


It is working properly in the test mode and in sand box.


Can you help me with a contact number where I can call to get this issue sorted as the community forums inform that there is nothing wrong with the programming but the way the account is setup.


And when I get through to the contact center, what am I supposed to infrom them to change / activate on the account.



Amit Shah

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Re: Error Response code 2 - 205

Yes, contact the support and tell them the error code 2 -  205. It look to be an account setup issue.

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Re: Error Response code 2 - 205

As a reminder, when you use test mode in either the sandbox or production environment, the gateway only checks that the respective API Login and Transaction Keys are correct and returns OK.  It does not actually perform a transaction.


You should never use Test Mode in the sandbox.