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Example of custom receipt using iframe?

I am using the new Accept Hosted code in an iframe on a php page, and even with showReceipt is false, I still get the receipt page.  How do I bypass that and redirect to my own receipt page?  I've searched pages and pages of files and documentation  and I still don't get it.  I need an example of using transactResponse, I don't have that in my page.  Thanks.

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Re: Example of custom receipt using iframe?

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When you set "showReceipt" to false, you shouldn't get the receipt page, actually.


Since you are loading the Accept Payment Form in iFrame and want to skip the default receipt page, make sure you have "showReceipt" in <hostedPaymentReturnOptions> set to false and provide your own iFrameCommunicatorUrl to "url" in <hostedPaymentIFrameCommunicatorUrl>.


To implement your own iFrameCommunicatorUrl, please reference


For more information, you can reference


Hope this helps!