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FSA/HSA cards



Can anyone help in helping me with the process to accept HSA/FSA cards?  What are steps to be done.  We are using CIM and Direct Post Method to perform the transaction authorization and capturing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: FSA/HSA cards

I thought those are just like regular credit card, what issue are you having?

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Re: FSA/HSA cards

There are two primary scenarios for merchants accepting FSA/HSA cards. The first scenario is one where the merchant is in an industry where the overwhelming majority of transactions qualify as FSA/HSA eligible. These merchants should be able to process FSA and HSA cards through Authorize.Net as they operate just like regular credit cards.


The second scenario is where only a small percentage of items being sold by the merchant will qualify for these cards. In this instance, the merchant is required to submit additional item detail through to the processor with each transaction in order to identify what portion of the transaction counts as a qualified FSA/HSA expenditure. Authorize.Net does not support these additional data fields and therefore cannot support this scenario.

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Re: FSA/HSA cards

Thanks Trevor for the useful response.  We have certified with IRS for 90% rule.  Should we be doing some merchant setup in to accept the HSA/FSA cards?  Any response would be helpful.

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Re: FSA/HSA cards

I was told by Authorize.Net Reseller Support today that we can setup our merchants with and our merchants can process their HSA/FSA/Flex cards as long as these cards to not require Level 3 Data (additional fields) to process these card types.  Merchants can process transactions with up to Level 2 data.


Is this correct and a fact? I have a merchant who wants to accept these cards via an internet gateway.  Please clarify this for me!

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Re: FSA/HSA cards

Hello @ezedp 


Yes, merchants can acccept HSA/FSA cards using the Authorize.Net paymetn gateway as long as they are from a major card brand (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and only require up to Level 2 data (no additional fields).  The merchant should also check with their merchant service provider to confirm they also support HSA/FSA cards and properly configure the merchant account.