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Formsite payment failure error

I'm just starting to use Formsite, and set up the gateway. When I submit my payment page, I get the error "Your order was not processed. Please try your order again. Phone is required." The transaction error in Formsite is 'Payment failed. 3:2:33:Phone is required.'


There is a required phone field on the first page - the regular form page - that was completed. This error was upon submission of the second page - the payment page. Formsite said it was error 33: Phone is required. However, there is no phone field on the payment page.


Strangely, this all worked when the payment gateway was set to recurring payment, which I initally did by mistake. It stopped working and I started getting this error when I disabled recurring payment.


I'm at a loss as to what happened. Formsite sent me to you. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Formsite payment failure error

Hello @Marcy


Error 33 indicates the field is configured as required in the Merchant Interface.  I've linked to the response code details which offers instructions for updating within the Merchant Interface.