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Gateway sending an array instead of a map of auth information

We had a server crash and upon rebuilding everything, when an order is submitted from our website, I get different values passed back then before via the API. Before, the auth information was returned as a "map" which I was able to parse out and complete the transaction with the customer.


Now the auth information is sent in an "array" which I have no way of knowing what is what...What I'm trying to figure out is why the information coming back from gateway is in a different format. The orders are being sent correctly (I assume since I'm getting a response), it's just the information from back to me that is causing me heartaches!


Here's an example of what I was getting before:

map: (x_city)=(Yorba Linda), ()=(American Express), (x_phone)=(5555555555), (x_ship_to_last_name)=(smith), (x_avs_code)=(Y), (x_method)=(CC), (x_description)=( my Online Store), (x_last_name)=(smith), (x_zip)=(92887), (x_invoice_num)=(151 ...


Now I'm getting this:

1,1,1,This transaction has been approved.,179795,Y,60077819824,1514408,my Online Store,48.82,CC,auth_capture,,john,smith,test,123 4th Ave.,Oak Park,CA,91377,,8182923413,,,john,smith, ...


Any help would be appreciated - we are loosing sales left and right!


Thank you!

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Re: Gateway sending an array instead of a map of auth information


Hi HigherPowered,


What integration are you trying to use to connect to our gateway?