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Get ARB Subscription ID in create callback.

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When we create a new ARB subscription the response comes back and we save the id it gives us. We tested and it gives us back "33".


Then when the silent post callback hits our method, the response has a different id, 15631016.


15631016 is correct in matching up with the on we see in the online portal.


So, what is 33 and why doesn't it return the real ARB ID?


Here is the code that creates the ARB and then gets the arbId:


net.authorize.arb.Transaction arbTransaction = createARBTransaction(startDate.getTime(), creditCard, member, splitOccurrences.intValue() - 1, splitUnit, useBillingAddress, billingAddress, recurringOrder.getTotalAmount().doubleValue(), recurringOrder);


net.authorize.arb.Result<?> arbResult = (net.authorize.arb.Result<?>) merchant.postTransaction(arbTransaction);


String arbId;
if (arbResult.isOk()) {
   arbId = arbResult.getResultSubscriptionId();




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Re: Get ARB Subscription ID in create callback.

Since the data is from arbResult, can you see what is in it?

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Re: Get ARB Subscription ID in create callback.

Yes, I will output it to our logs so I can see what's in it then next time we try it.