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Get a Transaction ID for a subscription

When creating a subscription (using the Java SDK) you only get back the subscription ID. 


This ID is useless if you want to do the following:


Create a Webhook to listen for payments, because the payload ID is the transaction ID, not the subscription ID. So if all you get back when creating a subscription is a subscription ID, how do you ever match up what you may record in your database with what Authorize tells you in the Webhook payload? The answer is: you can't


Re-create a subscription (because you need to change the interval information), since you don't have the transaction ID, and because we don't store credit card information, you can't create a subscription from a customer profile, because in order to create a customer profile from a transaction, you need.... wait for it... a transaction ID! (and a subscription ID is not valid).


I can't possibly be the only person who is having to deal with this. 


My question really is: how do you get a transaction ID from a subscription? Since all i'm given at the time of subscription creation is a subscription ID, i'm pretty well left out in the cold. 


Any guidance would be most appreciated. 


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Re: Get a Transaction ID for a subscription

The following api methods may help you tie the payment webhooks to subscription ids, once there have been transaction ids generated for the subscription per your schedule:


Get Transaction Details api method will take a transaction id and show the subscription id associated with it.


ARBGetSubscription api method will tie the subscription id to the transactions processed under it.



You can create a subscription from a profile


I hope this helps!