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Get customerPaymentProfileId




I am trying to integrate CIM.

I am able to add customer information and its billing information

Now I want to Update/Edit the payment profile information for that It is asking me for customerPaymentProfileId.

So how can I get customerPaymentProfileId from Customer Profile ID.






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Re: Get customerPaymentProfileId

In the doc



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Re: Get customerPaymentProfileId

I am Hosted pages.


the process is

-> I create a CustomerProfile with Email,description,and CustomerId

-> Which returns me CustomerProfile Id

-> Using thisCustomer Profile Id I called getHostedProfilePage which returns me a token

-> I use the returned token to the in Hosted popup for single payment/shipping

-> and I am able to enter Credit card information and billing information

-> here no where get the PaymentProfileId

-> which I need when I want to Update the the Cardit Card or biling Infomation


So my question is simply that how and from where I can fetch/get  this PaymentProfileId






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Re: Get customerPaymentProfileId

I am building a website, which needs user to register its credit card and we charge that credit card every month.

I used "Customer Profile" for this. I did successfully created the customerprofileid and redirect the user to server where they can enter there cedit card details.


But now, how can I get the customerpayment profileid or id's?

I have researched alot but could not find a solution.

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Re: Get customerPaymentProfileId

[ Edited ]

You can use customer profiles to enable merchants to tokenize and store sensitive customer payment information on our secure servers, which simplifies PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions. For Customer Profile API reference information, see the API Reference Guide -