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Getting validationMode soap error using CIM and PHP

We recently starting having trouble with unchanged PHP code during the checkout process.  I'm finding this in the apache logs:

PHP Fatal error:  SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object has no 'validationMode' property in /var/www/html/includes/authnet/cim/api_authorize_net_soap_v1.php on line 1926


Line 1926 is inside CreateCustomerProfile().  That's fine, I went ahead and added $req->validationMode = "liveMode";  to my code where I'm building the args.


However, when I do that, it tells me that's not an allowed without Payment Profiles.  But I can't create a Payment Profile without having a Customer Profile first!


Has anybody else had this pop up on them?


CreateCustomerProfileResponse Object ( [CreateCustomerProfileResult] => CreateCustomerProfileResponseType Object ( [customerProfileId] => 0 [resultCode] => Error [messages] => stdClass Object ( [MessagesTypeMessage] => MessagesTypeMessage Object ( [code] => E00013 [text] => Validation Mode is invalid without Payment Profiles. ) ) ) )


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Re: Getting validationMode soap error using CIM and PHP

doc said it can be none, testMode, or liveMode

Since there isn't any payment profile with your create customer profile, so try setting validationmode = none