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Guidance in what direction to go in.

Previously my client uses a simple get form that creates a dynamic page with the clients two pieces of information they provide (accountnumber & amount being paid) which is located on a small html website that I am helping them update.


I am going to be using joomla to help them keep everything more up to date. I have attempted just placing the form into the joomla installation, but it will not bring them to the site they need to go to to make the site.


I am not a developer, so I need guidance on how to use the best solution to just recreate the form for them.


Anyone have any ideas??

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Re: Guidance in what direction to go in.

I'd have to see the form to understand what approach you're trying to take, but it sounds like you need to implement SIM:


SDK's, including PHP SDK:

Sample SIM code: (note that this is adapted for running with a developer account, see my signature...)

SIM Documentation:


To run PHP code inside Joomla, you also probably need to install a module for that purpose.