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HTML Email for email receipts

Hi all, 


I was just curious to see what methods might be available to get a professional HTML/CSS email designed for my company. I use mailchimp and I understand there's a new mailchimp based service called Mandrill meant specifically for transactional e-mails. However I didn't see anything about an integration. 


I'm looking for something friendly with a design to match my company's branding to be sent out automatically after every recurring payment has been made instead of's generic text email. 


Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to go? or whom to check out in hope's of hiring? Just looking for a "thank you for your payment-your payment has been received" or "We're sorry, your card has been declined, etc"  - two payment templates..


Any help would be much appreciated. I understand "paysimple" has a nice setup but I think they force you to sign up for a completely different gateway. 


Thanks in advance.

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Re: HTML Email for email receipts

Hello freshlocale,


You can find a list of qualified developers in our Certified Developer Directory who can create your rich HTML email solution.