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Re: HTTP 302 response to webhook - accepted?

@Renaissance wrote:

That 302 has to be somewhere in your code. 302 is for resources moved to a new uri. I am not familiar with .net so it may be in the framework and not in any code you have manually written. The webserver will not issue a 302 on its own. It is either in the server side code or in a server configuration file. I would
say that would have to be the case.

That’s why I thought that was odd. You want your webhooks endpoint tied to a uri that never changes. I use Apache and PHP for everything I do, and with that it is either a header coded in or a mod rewrite directive.

You could type in your webhooks url directly in the browser and see where you get redirected to.

In any event, it doesn't matter at this point. I know the 302 response was coming from our side, but my original question is what does if they receive that code in response to a webhook.  As I said, from the documentation the suggestion is that only an HTTP 200 would be accepted as a successful webhook reception and therefore not be repeated, but I'm not sure that's what we were seeing in our testing, so I was hoping to get an official statement on that behavior (a statement I still haven't gotten, so I am unable to accept anything in this thread as the solution even though our webhooks code has already been completed and sent along for testing).


Thanks much for the input, nonetheless!

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Re: HTTP 302 response to webhook - accepted?

@dsandbergwhen I get a minute I will run one and then see what happens.

The 302 code is somewhere in your framework code or other source code.
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Re: HTTP 302 response to webhook - accepted?

f you hit the url without the / on a browser, it will get a 302 and the browser will simply redirect. But the webhook does not follow redirects, so it simply tells you what the response was, which was a 302 redirect.


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