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Handling deposits and payment separately



my question is fairly simple (i hope), but I'm not a 100% sure which integration method would be the best (CIM?)


Let's say on my website I'm selling hand-crafted chess-boards. The total amount for a board is a $1000. When a customer orders a board, I'd like to charge them $600 up front, and in about 3 weeks (when the chess set is ready and shipped) I'd charge their card again with the remaining amount ($400)


Which method should I use to achieve this if I don't want to store sensitive Credit Card information on my servers? (CIM seems the right way, but I'm new to authorize, so I wanna make sure I do the right thing)


thank you for the help,


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Re: Handling deposits and payment separately

If it were a short period of time, you could use AIM, charge once, and then AuthOnly the second transaction, but since authorizations expire within 7 days, that isn't going to work here. CIM is the only possible solution.