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Re: Help Migrating from SIM to CIM/Form with Recurring

Thanks to Aaron and others on this forum, I finally got everything resolved.  I need to post the resolution for anyone else that is heading down my same trail.


The subject if this thread is migrating from SIM to CIM which is relevant to my problem.  If you are not a current or former user of SIM, you might not encounter this problem.  But if you currently have SIM in use, you need to know this.  On the settings page for the SIM payment form there is a field to specify that Card Code is required.  Believe it or not, the CIM api checks that field, even though it is set on a form that should have absolute no bearing on the CIM API.  In any case, if you have Card Code REQUIRED checked on your old SIM payment form setting page, you aren't going anywhere when trying to make a payment using the CIM API.  Uncheck that field on the SIM settings, (i.e. Card Code NOT required) and life will get much better.


Thanks to everyone for all of your help.  Still have a few minor issues that I may need a bit of help on.  But for today, the main path is all working now.