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Help! how to return directly to the URL of paid successfully page

Dear Madam/Sir:
We have integrated your API to our e-commerce platform, and tested the payment at Sandbox mode, we found that if customer paid successfully, there's page shows"Thank-you for your business", and there's a "Continue" button, customer must click the "continue" button to return the URL of paid successfully page of our e-commerce platform, but we need the page will directly return our URL of paid successfully page if customer paid successfully, so we added below code, but it still go to the "Thank-you for your business" page again, could you please let me know how to solve this issue? Thank you.
SettingType setting = new SettingType();
JSONObject returnOptions = new JSONObject();
returnOptions.put("showReceipt", false);
returnOptions.put("url", returnURL);
returnOptions.put("urlText", "Done");
returnOptions.put("cancelUrl", cancelURL);
returnOptions.put("cancelUrlText", "Cancel");

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Re: Help! how to return directly to the URL of paid successfully page

I’m not that good with json, but it sounds like you are using the accept hosted form with a redirect. If that’s the case you will not be able to do what you want to. The receipt page always shows. If it is a design/UX concern you have, theres another recent post about that. Click on my name and find it. Any other concern that I can think of has one or more workarounds.