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Help with VBA code to get Settled Batch List

With the following code (x's replace real login and key)


Public Sub test()
    Dim Post_Url, post_string As String, post_response As String
    Dim objRequest As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP
    Post_Url = ""
    post_string = post_string & "x_login=" & URLEncode("xxxxx) & "&"
    post_string = post_string & "x_tran_key=" & URLEncode("xxxxx") & "&"
    post_string = post_string & "getSettledBatchList()"
    objRequest.Open "POST", Post_Url, False
    objRequest.send post_string
    post_response = objRequest.responseText
    Debug.Print post_response

End Sub


I get the following error message


<HTML><BODY><H3>The following errors have occurred.</H3>(92) The gateway no longer supports the requested method of integration.<BR></BODY></HTML>


Can someone tell me what I need to change?


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Re: Help with VBA code to get Settled Batch List

What sure but here is the documentation. for Transaction Detail API. You probably have to build the XML request.