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Hosted CIM token as get parameter



We are building an integration where we use the CIM system so that we never have to handle the credit card details.

We would like to use the Hosted CIM so that the customer can enter the details directly into Authorize.NET.

However we do not have any website (We have a backend ERP system instead) so we are not able to do a POST request to the addPayments site.

Right now all the documentation that I can find states that you need to do a post redirect to the addPayment page but I would like to do a GET request instead where the token is a parameter. This way I could send a link by email to the customer asking them to add the credit card.

Do anyone know if this is possible?


Basically I wanna do: but it does not seems possible.


From a security standpoint this should be excatly as secure as the POST as the customer would be able to see the token in the HTML source anyway.

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Re: Hosted CIM token as get parameter


Hi mlpboyum,


The hosted CIM can only be used and implemented if you have a website through a POST request, GET is not supported. The token expires after 15 minutes this is why this cannot be distributed in an email as a link.