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Hosted Form error message - CIM not enabled - even though it is!


I have successfully been using CIM from my website via hosted form integration in sandbox mode.

I finally got my own account approved and have been trying to get it to work with my account but am having problems.

I updated my code to use my own login id and transaction key and also ensure that the api is the live API but not the sandbox API.


My code is successfully creating a profile in my CIM via the API and also generating a token. However when trying to create a payment profile via the hosted form after entering credit card details i get the following error:

"CIM is not enabled on your account"

It definitely is enabled and I can even see the created customer profiles (just no payment profiles)

I have tried this in both test mode and non test mode but its not working - even though it was all working before while in sandbox mode with sandbox login and key.


I have been using test Credit card info but I dont see that that would cause this issue.

Please advise.

Thanks so much




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Re: Hosted Form error message - CIM not enabled - even though it is!

It would give you that error too if it is using the wrong site(production vs test)

AuthorizeNetPopup.options.useTestEnvironment = true;