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How do I enable tokenization?

I have a new authorize gateway and have set up the API log in and transaction key and the client key. Next I'm asked to enable tokenization but am not sure how. Help?



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Re: How do I enable tokenization?


Hi donosborn,


I believe you are wanting to enable the CIM Service or Customer Profiles within your gateway account. To sign up for the Customer Information Manager (CIM) service:


  1. Log into your Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Customer Information Manager in the main left side menu.
  3. Click Sign up for Customer Information Manager (CIM) Now.
  4. Click the checkbox labeled I have read and understand the Terms of Service.
  5. Click I Agree.



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Re: How do I enable tokenization?

Thats incorrect information from Joy and has nothing to do with enable tokenization.


Enable tokenization is required for Applepay... Check out

A few q's are answered here as I found out we didnt have the right processor in our account to support Applepay with Shopify (which was asking for the enable tokenization feature).  


Hope this helps a little more.