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How do I test Voiding an Authorization?

I'm working on the test server and I've got AUTH_CAPTURE working just fine, as well as AUTH_ONLY.  It just gives me back the basic transaction ID of 0 for all these test transactions, though. 


I'd like to test VOID now but I keep getting back an error when I pass in the 0 for x_trans_id...


"(TESTMODE) A valid referenced transaction ID is required."


That's all I ever get from a teste transaction, though, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to test a VOID, and I'm wondering if I'll have the same problem when I start testing capture as well..??  I see lots of info about testing with specific credit card numbers and stuff in the documentation, but nothing about this sort of thing.


Any information on what I'm missing here would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Re: How do I test Voiding an Authorization?

You need to disable test mode on the test server.

Login to

and go to Account - Settings - Security Settings - General Security Settings - Test Mode