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How do integrate with basic shopping carts?

I purchased the wordpress StoreBox theme from because it offers as a payment gateway option. They're ecommerce framework is called eComFrameWork. When I go to change the settings for the payment gateway, I see a limited number of setting options (see link below for screenshot of Authorize,net settings for this theme) . 


Screenshot of Authorize,net settings for this theme:


It allows for only two pieces of information.. Login I.D. and Transaction Key. And the login I.D.  but when I enter my test API Login ID and Transaction key (as issued by sandbox account) nothing happens. 


Does any one have any experience intergrating with Wordpress ecommerce themes like this or any idea about how I should go about integrating with this ecommerce theme?  


Is there a specific method (DPM, SIM, AIM) that I should be using? 





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Re: How do integrate with basic shopping carts?

Unless there's a checkbox for sandbox / test account, chances are it's only designed to work with a production account.