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How does allow this to go on?

I have to say that trying to develop for is quite painful and this community is one reason.  The ideas forum is filled more with spam, than it is ideas.  As of this moment the first page of ideas when going there are entirely spam.  In addition threads that might have been useful: quickly turn in to spam out numbering legitimate posts quickly.  Many of the spam posts are in turn linked to sites hosting malware and trying to get folks to download virus laden software or APKs.  


How does Visa/ allow this to go on?  Are there not moderators to maintain these forums?  Can Visa really not afford an industry standard forum software that would prevent many of these posts in the first place or allow users to report them in a manner that is far less cumbersome and far more effective than the form that the current system has?


I've often been stunned at how bad the customer facing presence of is with broken links in documents, "hot news" that is 10 years old, and just a general feeling of neglect.  Having signed up for these forums only confirms where my mindset was already heading.  There is quite literally no reason to utilize unless some 3rd party software forces you to.  It is clear doesn't care, why should developers?  There are plenty of other gateways out there that actually maintain their docs, their forums and their products and didn't stop enhancing their service in 2006. is the big guy out of sheer momentum, but that won't last forever.  Wake up, between the competition like NMI, Fluid, etc and the Payfac's like Stripe you're rapidly on your way to becoming Kodak.