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How should i start and learn MYSQL???

I've learnt Java for about a year now and I'm now learning JavaFX and maybe learning other parts later.

The one thing that I want to learn now is MySQL BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START

My goal is to build a database that connects to the internet and I can somehow use Java to connect to that database and get the info . And also updating it from another computer .

I see people using command line of MySQL and I see people using MySQl ’s build in IDE(I dunno if you can call it IDE)

And I also see people using myphp a website that seems to let you take control of ur server/database .

Where should I start and learn MySQL. My Java for dummies sucks at explaining MySQL connecting with Java . And I can't find a single tutorial on YouTube that helps you understand everything from scratch to online connection with Java .

Can anyone help me??