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How to pass custom parameters with Accept Hosted Payment form?



I am using Accept hosted form for payment. I have configured the webhooks to receive the notifications.( I am not receiving the notifications). I have also configured Silent POST for receiving the notifications. 


However, my question is, how to pass custom parameters to identify the transaction. I would like to pass parameters like InvoiceID, ClientID and some other additional information. 


Any idea how to do it? I am using the below JSON object.



    \"getHostedPaymentPageRequest\": {
        \"merchantAuthentication\": {
            \"name\": \"#api_id#\",
            \"transactionKey\": \"#transacton_key#\"
        \"transactionRequest\": {
            \"transactionType\": \"authCaptureTransaction\",
            \"amount\": \"#amount#\"
        \"hostedPaymentSettings\": {
            \"setting\": [
                    \"settingName\": \"hostedPaymentReturnOptions\",
                    \"settingValue\": \"{\\\"showReceipt\\\": true, \\\"url\\\": \\\"#recept_ur#\\\", \\\"urlText\\\": \\\"Continue\\\", \\\"cancelUrl\\\": \\\"#cancelurl#\\\", \\\"cancelUrlText\\\": \\\"Cancel\\\"}\"
                    \"settingName\": \"hostedPaymentPaymentOptions\",
                    \"settingValue\": \"{\\\"cardCodeRequired\\\": false, \\\"showCreditCard\\\": true, \\\"showBankAccount\\\": true}\"