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In-Person SDK for Android Doesn't Support Landscape Orientation

When running a plain EMV transaction with the tablet in landscape orientation, the In-Person SDK for Android (seemingly programmatically) switches to portrait orientation to display the total charge and status messages. For obtaining signature it switches back to current device orientation (landscape). On hitting the Authorize button it again switches to portrait orientation. There seems to be no real reason why to force portrait mode for these activities.


Can this forcing portrait mode please be removed and current device orientation remain honored for the whole transaction?



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Re: In-Person SDK for Android Doesn't Support Landscape Orientation

This has been reported for 2 years but the latest version of the SDK is also displaying the same issue. Is there any chance of prioritizing this?


Our box office app uses SDK for transaction. On tablets, our entire app is in landscape and only this transaction screen is getting shown as portrait. It looks very unproffessional and doesn't looks good at all. 


Let us know.