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Integrating CIM with Perl

I'm trying to integrate the hosted CIM into SurfShop, our open source Perl shopping cart, to help make it PCI compliant, but's it's not going as easy as it did with AIM.  I downloaded the sample "CIM - Hosted popup for single payment/shipping" but I can't figure out how to tie it into the cart.


I've read the CIM Merchant Web Services API, but I'm stuck on how to get the token for getHostedProfilePageRequest in Perl.  Unfortunately, there's no sample Perl code in the developer's section and I've never worked with XML before.


Has anyone else got this to work in Perl?  I could sure use some help if you have.




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Re: Integrating CIM with Perl

Hello @frankjance 

We currently don't have any Python sample code, but that's a great suggestion.  Perhaps other community members using Python can point you to a 3rd party solution.


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