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Integrating with DotNetNuke

Hi,  I am using DotNetNuke, and am using an event registration manager.  I don't have options for which API to use, or for which posting method: AIM, DPM or SIM.  I only have an API key, and transaction key.  I can put the module into test mode as well as placing my account into test mode.  My issue is that in live mode, I get an error of: This account has not been given the permission(s) required for this request.  The account is live, and I've updated/changed API and transaction keys.  What else could it be?  Thanks!

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Re: Integrating with DotNetNuke

Error code 123 on

If the following is not your case. Call support.



Response Reason Code: 123

Response Reason Text: This account has not been given the permissions required for this request.

Integration Team Suggestions: This error indicates that a user's personal Login ID is being used to connect a website or billing software to the payment gateway. Personal login IDs may not be used to connect websites to Authorize.Net, for security reasons. For example, if an Account Owner, Account Administrator, Transaction Manager, or Account Analyst login ID is used for website or software implementation, this error will occur.

To resolve this issue, the API Login ID and Transaction Key will need to be generated and added to your software's configuration, so that the website or software may connect to Authorize.Net properly. The API Login ID can be obtained by following these steps:

  • Log into the Merchant Interface at
  • Click Settings in the main left side menu
  • Click API Login and Transaction Key
  • If an API login ID has already been generated, it will be visible here. If an API Login ID needs to be generated, you will want to enter the answer to your Secret Question in order to see the API Login ID.

For more information regarding Login IDs, Passwords, API Login IDs, Transaction Keys, and User Administration, please visit our online video tutorials at

Other Suggestions: The transaction request must include the API login ID associated with the payment gateway account.






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Re: Integrating with DotNetNuke

Looking at the DotNetNuke, it appears it probably uses SIM, which is something only available to Card Not Present accounts. Is your account Card Not Present or Card Present?