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Integration of plugin with Chasepaymentech



I'm building a Joomla! 2.5 website that is using a Event Component called Event Booking. This Component has a plugin for it. There is also a SIM plugin available for it as well. My client want's to use ChasePaymentech. I was wondering if this is possible to integrate with I have read some things that lead me to believe that it may be possible as I'm under the impression that ChasePaymentech is a reseller of . And I also found a post here

with a similar question about integrating and ChasePaymentech. Is it just a matter of contacting ChasePaymetech and asking them to add to the account? As this post suggests?  

Thanks in adavance!

- Chris

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Re: Integration of plugin with Chasepaymentech




That is right, you will need to call your Merchant Service Provider (Chase Paymentech) and they can help you get setup for an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account. In case your MSP sales rep from Chase is unable to help you please call Authorize.Net InsideSales directly and we can still connect to your existing account.