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Integration of Void Methode in php



i have one problem.


I am using Void Method for cancellation the sucssfully run .  but i want hide or remove sucess message which is comes after the approved the trasactions.


below are the message.


1|1|1|This transaction has been approved.|WRSMI7|P|2167661306|||0.00|CC|void||||||||||||||||||||||||||78485B2AF0597666EFD3494FA3E3B2F2|||||||||||||XXXX1111|Visa||||||||||||||||


and i am using below link for intregration








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Re: Integration of Void Methode in php

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Hide it from who? No one sees it but you, the developer. Once you get the approval you can do whatever the business logic dictates you do. If that means discarding the approval and not displaying it to the user then that's perfectly fine. That example is just echoing out the results for testing purposes. You don't have to do that in your application.

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