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Intermittent problem with IFrameCommunicator Request Succedded

We're having an intermittent problem with our IFrame integration code.  Our code for handling the transactResponse message always gets called, but about 1% of the time, the AJax call back to our application isn't executed.  Almost all of the failures are on mobile devices.


Our transactResponse code is below.  Our application is a Java RichFaces application, so we generate the Ajax call by calling the click() method on an invisible <h:commandLink> control.  We know that the transactResponse code gets called because the iframe disappers (the first three lines of our code).  But the click() call never sends anything back to the server.


Have any of you seen anything like this?  Have you been able to get iframes working on wireless devices?  Have you been able to use IFrames with Richfaces?


We're not sure whether this is a wireless issue or something related to RichFaces.




document.getElementById("divAuthorizeNetPopupScreen").style.display = "none";
document.getElementById("divAuthorizeNetPopup").style.display = "none";



var tempValue = document.getElementById('paymentTileForm:transactionResponseId');
tempValue.value = responseParam;

setTimeout(function () {
document.getElementById('paymentTileForm:callAfterPayFromHostedForm').click(); // calling the receipt page after payment
}, 5000);