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International ST code failure

I have an integrated CIM in PHP. I have customers from Austrailia trying to setup an account, but they are getting an error about the state code.


[0] => setParameter(): billTo_state must be a valid two-character state code


Even if they leave it blank, this error is returned. I have B, E, R checked and G, U, S unchecked. I understood that the ST was optional, and if not filled would be ignored, especially in international cases. Any thoughts about how to set this as optional, or the correct way to handle working with the parameter to allow for international customers?






    if (isset($_GET['st'])) {
                    $cim->setParameter('billTo_state', $_GET['st']); // A valid two-character state code (US only) (optional)
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Re: International ST code failure

Hello @toddmfletcher


Was your sandbox account created for Australian Dollars (AUD) or the default US Dollars (USD)?



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Re: International ST code failure

It has been awhile since we went live, however I do believe our account would have been setup with USD, 95% of our business is domestic.

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Re: International ST code failure

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That doesn't look like an error from, you sure it is not on your site.


billTo_state is not a field for CIM