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Is card code mandatory for payment on iOS?

Hi Folks,

Am configuring <> ad payment gateway in one of my mobile app.

For this in sandbox we are taking Credit card # & expiry date as user input and in sdk in place of Card code I have used 100 as hardcoded and transaction is successful without 100 as "Card code" transaction fails.

So my query is whether it will is 100 or it will be unique for each credit card , if so then we have to take this as user input too.

Please confirm if I am on right track. And if card code is unique then please help me which no in credit card will be used as Card code .(Hope the 3 -digit no at backend of credit card.)

Waiting for your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Is card code mandatory for payment on iOS?

sandbox it sandbox, it doesn't go to the processor for process.

So yes each card will have a different card code.