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Is there a way to refund a transaction which is more than 120 days old using linked credit method?

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We cannot use the second unlinked credit method so i am looking for a way to achieve refunding a transaction older than 120 days using the first method i.e issuing a linked credit. I am wondering whether there is a way to achieve this. I am looking for indirect ways if direct way is not possible. For example one way i was wondering was whether it was possible to defer settling a transaction after it was captured. If we can defer settling a transaction to a later date then that would give the needed time for refunding. Another method that came to my mind was to create a transaction at a later date by saving the credit card information. This method is currently not plausible since our company doesn't store credit cards. So, i am stuck wondering if there is a way to achieve this and i have come here for some expert help. Now all Lowes employees can make use of MyLowesLife portal to get all the benefits. I appreciate any help! Thanks!