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Level 3 detail

We use the AIM API and I've had a customer recently ask for us to post the Level 3 data to the transaction.  I supopse I have a couple of questions in regards to this...

1. If we post the item data, is there any guarantee that this will show up on a customer's credit card statement or will that depend on the credit card company itself?

2. What is the max length we can post to the AIM URL?  This particular application has been known to take orders with 100+ line items.  I'm concerned this will exceed the max length of a request string...




Anthony DePinto


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Re: Level 3 detail


Authorize.Net does not currently support level 3 data. The line item information is stored within your account for reporting purposes, but it is not sent to the bank. In terms of data limits, we support a maximum of 30 line items per transaction.