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List of CIM Error codes

Where can I find an exhaustive list of CIM error codes. The only documentation I can find is this:


The problem is that this list does not seem to match what we are seeing in our application. For example, it does not list the error message :

[message] => SimpleXMLElement Object
[code] => E00027
[text] => This transaction has been declined

It does however list a different message for the same code (E00027):


API Error Code: E00027
Error Code Text: The test transaction was unsuccessful.
Description: An approval was not returned for the test transaction.


Whats the idea with having different error messages documented for the same code?

Where can I find an exhaustive list of error message for the CIM card not present API?



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Re: List of CIM Error codes

Hello @danieltaylor_nz 


The error message returned by the gateway is the correct response.  I've requested and update to the error codes listed on to reflect the current production data.  This page is currently your best source for error codes.



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Re: List of CIM Error codes

Hi Richard,


The error codes listed do not include many 'customer facing' errors.


For example, the error message I recieved recently "The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder." is not listed.


Where do I find documentation of such error messages?

I would like a list if possible.

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Re: List of CIM Error codes

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Those are not CIM error, those a transaction response, it is using the same code as in AIM.


the one that you post is Response Code 2 Response Reason Code 27